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While all eyes will be on the Brazilian squad during the 2014 World Cup, our eyes—our lenses, will be focused on the Brazilian population. Brazilians have an easy living, relaxed and laid back reputation, but all stereotypes go out the window once the futebol games commence. Emotions will be running high, and the WediaWix team will be traveling across the country to capture the way the local population reacts to the event. We will be looking for the most interesting characters and settings that will express genuine representations of the Brazilian culture.

Morro de Sao Paulo, Photo by Shaan

In Brazil, people eat, breathe and drink futebol. It is one of the most important aspects of the Brazilian culture and a fertile source of patriotic pride. The only time the country hosted the World Cup was in 1950, where they endured a heart-breaking loss in the finals against Uruguay in front of a crowd of over 200,000 devoted fans, in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. The loss was so devastating that the country fell into a recession. This was also the time where they changed the color of their jersey to yellow, claiming the former white jersey brought bad luck. With this in mind, we can only imagine the amount of pressure the country will place upon itself to properly host and win the 2014 World Cup.

Sao Paulo, photo by Shaan

Our goal is to join the most unique characters we come into contact with, and film them with their entourage while they watch games of their national team. This will be in an intimate place, such as their home, their favorite bar, or with their tribe, in order to effectively capture all of their emotions and reactions.

Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, photo by Shaan

The documentary will offer footage of many distinctive situations, from clips of the accomplished business man in São Paulo hosting a barbecue during the game; to the unprivileged adolescent watching the game with his friends in a Salvador favela (slum); to the native Indian in the Amazon watching the game with the rest of his tribe; to the retired professional soccer player enjoying the match on the rooftops of Copacabana. The team will often be separated into groups so we can capture a minimum of two completely different ambiances for every game. Of course, we will also look for daily encounters and festivities, but the documentary will focus on these unique characters we meet along the way. Through documenting their lives and experiences, we hope to expose the country’s wonderful culture and spread their passion for the sport.

Sao Paulo, photo by Shaan

More information here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1843212965/all-eyes-on-brazil
Vidéo avec sous-titres en français: https://vimeo.com/65470942

People on the beach playing "futevolei" (soccer/volley) in Morro de Sao Paulo, Brazil

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