In Manaus, Brazil, Raimundo, our 3rd character, received his All Eyes on Brazil DVD !

December 15th, 2014

Raimundo received his DVD ! Raimundo, also known as Caboquinho, who lives in Manaus, Brazil, received his official All Eyes on Brazil DVD. We watched together the third group game of Brazil against Cameroon, which was a great victory with…


December 09th, 2014

Dina received the DVDs ! Here are two photos from Dona Dina who lives in Salvador, Brazil, and who participated in our documentary “All Eyes on Brazil“. The packages that we sent in October from Sao Paulo were lost during…

Andre & Alix from France

October 22nd, 2014

Got an “All Eyes on Brazil” DVD? Shoot us a photo ! Here is a picture of André and Alix from Montmerle in France !

Shaan and Daniel at L'Equipe 21 in Paris, France

October 11th, 2014

Shaan and Daniel traveled to Paris, France, and took the opportunity to stop by L’Équipe 21 in Boulogne. Everybody was very happy with the film, and impressed with our accomplishment. Who knows, maybe we will partner again in the future…

Tous les yeux du Brésil sur L Équipe 21

TV Premiere on L’Equipe 21 in France

Merci les amis !!!!!! Un GRAND merci pour toutes ces photos, snapchats et autres pensées chaleureuses que nous avons reçu lors de cette première diffusion en France sur L’Équipe 21 !!! Merci d’avoir cru en nous et en ce projet,…