100-day mark

Today sets the 100-day mark to the 2014 World Cup kick off, and our three-month mark to the beginning of the All Eyes on Brazil shooting.


As these dates approach, we get closer and closer to reaching our goals and ambitions. Our director, Shaan, just got back from a very productive week in Paris, full of meetings, where we were able to close in on some important broadcasting opportunities in Europe, as well as grant awards.


Daniel, our journalist, started writing the voice over, and is in contact with our characters. Same for the other members of our team who are all getting ready to fulfill their roles. The music team, Baptiste and Pierre Colleu, has been briefed, and they have already started working on our soundtrack. We are also currently looking for a WordPress genius who could improve our blog platform.

100 day mark

The future of All Eyes on Brazil looks very promising, and with everyday, we get more and more excited to see this 2-year project come to life. Make sure you stay tuned because things are starting to get serious now!

The Colleu brothers working

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