Day 1: We even got a shot of Neymar !

By Daniel Duchene. Respond on Twitter.

After a great team meeting yesterday, we have officially started shooting today.

We woke up to a rainy São Paulo, with the sky matching the color tone of the city’s heavy concrete skyscrapers. Our shooting plans had to be re-adapted due to the weather, but for the most part we were able to tough it up and get our shots.

Rainy day in Sao Paulo

Brazil was playing Serbia at the Morumbi Stadium, home of the São Paulo F.C, and we took this opportunity to go shoot the ambiance around the stadium. We got there 1 1/2 hours before kickoff and the atmosphere was loud and colorful despite the recurrent spit. Aside from the great footage we got from the thousands of enthusiastic fans, we were able to catch both teams buses entering the stadium, and we were lucky enough to get a good shot of Neymar getting off the bus.

People watching the bus of the Brazilian Seleção

People watching the bus of the Brazilian Seleção

Brazilian Selecao bus

Neymar getting out of the bus in Sao Paulo

Neymar getting off the bus in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Satisfied with the footage, we went back to our head quarters to meet with the post-production team that had been working hard all day logging what we had already shot on the previous “non official” shooting days.

We were back in time to catch the second half of the game, that felt very tight and slow, in my opinion, due to the heavy amount of water on the pitch. It was good to see Felipão give all the main options for subs a chance, like Wilian and Maicon, but the slim 1-0 victory left an unsatisfying taste. Brazil did have a goal cancelled by a very poor call from the line official, but nonetheless, the demanding São Paulo fans expected a lot more only 6 days from the opening game.

Brasil supporter

Brazil supporter

A Neymar fan and the federal police

BTS Shaan at Morumbi

Rumor has it that Felipão did not want to play this game, because he was afraid of the psychological impact it could have had on the players’ confidence level. For starters, Serbia is a fairly good team, giving a chance for an unwanted upset that could hurt morale only a few days from the game against Croatia. Most importantly, I think the head-coach wanted to avoid exposing the players to the frustrated ambiance in São Paulo and to the high expectations of the Paulistas, whose discontent was made clear with waves of boos throughout the slow paced game.

Tomorrow is a new day and there will be no game, but we already have our work cut out for us to make up for what we couldn’t shoot today. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and we’ll get some sunny shots in the land of drizzle.

Ale and Shaan at Morumbi

Watching the game in family

Photo credits to Shaan Couture, and Elia Stein.

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