Day 21: Group Stage Games with our Three Characters

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Day 21: Group Stage Games with our Three Characters

The group stages of the 2014 World Cup are over, and the real stuff is just about to get started.

Only 16 teams of the 32 that started the competition are still in it, and from now on, every game is like a final: win or go home. As of for us, and our project, it has been an amazing experience. Just as planned, we managed to watch the first 3 games with 3 completely different characters, that when put together, help us understand the richness and complexity of the Brazilian culture.

  • Chloe de Wolf (25 years old)

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 6.54.31 PM
We spent the opening game, with Chloe de Wolf, a graduate journalism student who is actively engaged against this World Cup. Truth is, we didn’t really get to watch the game, because Chloe went out on the streets to manifest against it. And to tell you the truth again, manifesting with Chloe was an enriching experience, of course, but it was also a terrifying one that, as journalists, we will never forget. Enough spoilers, if you want to know more, make sure you watch the movie! Or, read the article: Day 7: June 12th was a long day.

We chose Chloe as our first character because we wanted shock our viewers right away. Not only shock them by showing that not all Brazilians are in favor of the World Cup, but also by breaking the stereotype of what a Brazilian should look like. If you bumped into Chloe on the street, you would have never guessed she was from Brazil: she is white, red haired, tall, and very skinny, breaking all Brazilian clichés. Through her, we also wanted to show a younger, more educated and open-minded side of the big cities of the country.

  • Sr. Leandro (68 years old)

The second game, against Mexico, was spent with Sr. Leandro, a coach of a semi-professional football team from the Taboão da Serra, a poor suburb of São Paulo. After getting to know him pretty well, we watched the game in the neighborhood’s community center where kids, teenagers and adults gathered to cheer on the national team. Despite the 0x0 draw, the community threw a great party afterwards to show us how they usually celebrate. For more information, refer to the article: Day 12: What a mess…

We chose Sr. Leandro because of his authenticity and his experience as a football coach (has been coaching for over 35 years). We wanted this character to educate our viewers on how the average Brazilian perceives football and how hard it is to make it as a professional in this industry. We also wanted to show a portrait of the semi-professional football world in Brazil, a reality that most football lovers deal with.


  • Raimundo Dos Santos “Caboquinho” (33 years old)

Raimundo on the Rio Negro

We watched the third and final group stage game against Cameroon with Caboquinho, a civilized Indian that has been living in Manaus for over 20 years. He is an experience river-boat captain and knows the waters of the area like nobody else. We watched the game on the front yard of his humble house, with his family and closest friends, while eating traditional Amazonian food. Despite their simple means, they hosted us like kings. More information about this day can be found on the article: Day 18: Qualified at Last

The goal with this character was to show how fast the city of Manaus is growing, and how the local culture is adapting to this growth. Manaus is a city ruled by the river, and getting to know a boat captain seemed like the best way to understand this lifestyle. Of course, showing how and which indigenous traditions are maintained in this fast metamorphosis was also our objective with Raimundo.

Caboquinho watching the third game of Brazil

  • Who’s next?

We will be watching Brazil’s first game of the second stage in Salvador, with Dona Dima, an educationist that mixes football and schooling, that is currently struggling to maintain her program as a reality in her community due to the lack of support from the government.

Dona Dina in Boca do Rio, Salvador

Dona Dina in Boca do Rio, Salvador

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