Day 33: Blackout

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Day 33: Blackout

In a shameful way, reality has finally kicked in, and Brazil is out of the race to win the World Cup. What happens now? This is what we are about to find out…


  • The tragedy

In a devastating defeat, the Seleção has ended the dream of winning the World Cup at home, and erasing the trauma of 1950. Much to the contrary, it has achieved a new historical fiasco by losing 7×1 against a strong and opportunistic Germany. A humiliating, frustrating, heart breaking, saddening loss that took everyone by surprise.

At Lucien's friend

Dani witnessing the defeat

Who is to blame? No one. Everyone. Words only humbly attempt to describe the emotions of the Brazilian people as they slowly learn how to grieve tonight. As our first character Chloe pointed out from her observations in manifestations, from lack of experience, the Brazilian population doesn’t know how to protest, and even less how to react to a rare humiliating collapse like the one that happen today.

Sad couple in Lapa, Rio

The first reactions, as witnessed so far, are of irony and humor. In my opinion, a defense mechanism, used to postpone dealing with such harshening reality. Whereas one could expect sadness to be the dominating expression on people’s faces, ironic smiles and laughter inhabited the squares, bars and houses of Rio de Janeiro. From Facebook posts to Twitter tweets, people exchange jokes about the happening and proudly sing parodies of the local theme songs for the World Cup. Will this all transform into hate as soon as the people wake up and realize what happened? Tonight, an armed gang entered the FIFA Fan Fest and executed a mass robbery, shooting guns to the sky and frightening the tourists and locals. Although this might happen quite often in Brazil, it hadn’t occurred during the World Cup, until now. Will the violence sky-rock again? Will the people go back to the streets to protest against the corruption and the extremely low quality of life that they have to face everyday?

Man in Lapa, Rio

Girls Brasil

Sad Brazilian supporter in Lapa

Brazil will still play its final game on Saturday to try to fight for 3rd place, but the reality of the matter is that the harm has already been done. Actually, since winning 3rd is being mediated as an obligation, the damage can only get bigger if they lose. How will this impact the population? Many say that, thanks to its warming and welcoming nature, the Brazilian people saved this event from being the unimaginable flop it could have been, but why? To see the national team lose in such humiliating fashion in the semi finals, after not having played a single good game to reward its people? Seems like an unfair trade to me, but then again, this population has been exploited since the minute it was discovered by the Portuguese in 1500, and has regretfully gotten accustomed by it.

Brazilians have lost many things throughout this World Cup, but most of all, tonight they have lost hope.

Man crying about Brazil's tough defeat

  • Our first character in Rio: Lucien

This game’s character is a mid-age successful management consultant living in Rio. Lucien has recently finished his contract with Accenture, and is taking time-off to enjoy the World Cup before he resumes work. Divorced and with two daughters in college, we selected him because we wanted to show a profile of a well-established Carioca (someone who lives in Rio), who enjoys the beach, sports, nightlife, and all that the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro has to offer. We accompanied him to one of his best friends’ place to watch the game:

  • In Lapa

In the meantime, the other half of the team was in the famous neighborhood of Lapa, watching the game from bar to bar:

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