Day 10: Painting the streets of Brazil

By Daniel Duchene. Respond on Twitter.

Day 10

We spent this Sunday at one of the biggest suburbs of São Paulo, Tabuão.

An old friend has a house there and invited us to come see the neighborhood kids decorate the streets.

As a way of thanking them for allowing us to join them in this creative afternoon, we brought a few gallons of paint, brushes and flags. It is important to point out that most of the materials used to decorate the streets were crafted by the kids themselves, and that most of the paint was purchased with money that they collected from the neighbors.

It was great to see the entire neighborhood come together and support the kids. Most men

from the block work in construction, and they used their expertise to guide the kids’ craft. We spent a lovely humbling afternoon connecting to a side of town that few have access to.

We will be back on Tuesday to watch the second game of the Seleção: Brazil Vs. Mexico.

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