So far, so good

by Daniel Duchene.

As September comes to an end, we get closer to the 8-month mark to the beginning of the shooting of All Eyes on Brazil. Wow, we have really come a long way since the first time we envisioned this project. Though a lot of the work is still to come, we have already accomplished a few things that we are proud of and would like to share with you.

  • In the spring 2013, All Eyes on Brazil got its first big funding push with a successful campaign on Kickstarter.

Successful Kickstarter campaign!

Our project was 117% funded, raising $23,550 in 42 days. Only 39% of video projects are successful on crowd-funding campaigns, a number that makes our campaign look even stronger. Among our backers, we received the direct support of notorious figures such as 1998 World Cup champion Youri Djorkaeff, French sport film director Manuel Herrero, and Brazilian sports brand Fiore. Since, we have been contacted to help several other Kickstrater campaigns with video production and general consultancy.

  • In early September 2013, we hosted an All Eyes on Brazil booth during San Diego’s 2013 Brazilian Day.

Dani doing some good public relations ;)

In an effort to continue to raise funds and increase exposure of our documentary project, we hosted our own booth at Brazilian Day and sold over $1,000 of official t-shirts. The event was a big success and allowed us to share our film with the San Diego community. The feedback was better than anticipated, and we were even interviewed live for the KUSI 10 o’clock morning news on television. Unexpected, but always welcome!

  • In late September 2013, we finished the script of All Eyes on Brazil and we put together a comprehensive booklet to use as a support document for our television and sponsor pitches.

All Eyes on Brazil official script

The All Eyes on Brazil comprehensive booklet is a very complete document that goes in depth into every aspect of the film, including the script and other details concerning logistics. Originally written in English, it has already been translated in French and Portuguese. This illustrated booklet is an important tool for getting major sponsorship and broadcasting.

On another note, we are still currently working on multiple fronts. We have already purchased most of the flight tickets to travel inside the country and we are in the verge of resolving our lodging situation in most of the cities. In addition, we are in contact with TV channels in France and in Brazil that have manifested interest in buying our film. We have had numerous productive team meetings over Skype to discuss character logistics and we are still looking for at least one major sponsor, preferably for equipment.


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