The giant has (finally) awaken !

by Daniel Duchene

Everyday for the past week, hundred of thousands of Brazilians gathered in the streets of the main cities to show their discontent with the current state of the country. Despite the economical boom that Brazil has enjoyed for the last decade – and will continue to with the major sporting events coming up – important social issues like education, health services and public transportation have not seen improvements for over 20 years.

Protests started in Sao Paulo. "Who is the World Cup for?"

Protests started in Sao Paulo. “Who is the World Cup for?”

Brazil is planning to spend over $55 billion of taxpayer’s money to finance the upcoming events of the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the summer Olympics in 2016. The population is certain that they will not see a return on their investment and that all the profits will, once again, go to the hands of corrupted politicians and big corporations. For that reason, the people of Brazil are marching the streets, begging for their voice to be heard and to change their country once and for all (#ChangeBrazil).

Protests in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Protests in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Our goal with All Eyes on Brazil is to show the real Brazil to the rest of the world, the real Brazilians, from the native Indian to the accomplished businessman. Through our main characters, we will be able to share the wave of change that the country is currently experiencing, and witness this transformation first hand. We believe, as it has often happened in the past, that the Brazilian football team will embrace the situation and become the symbol of this revolution during the 2014 World Cup

Brazilians protesting in the capital, Brasilia.

Brazilians protesting in the capital, Brasilia.

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