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First impressions from Sao Paulo

By Daniel Duchene. Respond on Twitter. Exactly 12 days from the opening game of the 2014 World Cup, the ambiance is a little weird in the city of Sao Paulo. Usually, this close to the event, we are used to…

2014 Brazilian Seleção

2014 World Cup: The Brazilian Seleção

The opening ceremony is in exactly 30 days, and most of the teams have already released their rosters. In Brazil‘s case, there weren’t any surprises. Head-coach Felipão was loyal to his previous comments stating that 80% of the seleção for…


More All Eyes on Brazil supporters !

Thank you to all our supporters that backed us up on Kickstarter and sent us these awesome photos all around the world ! See the first round of pictures here. Send us more pictures !!