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news about our Kickstarter campaign


More All Eyes on Brazil supporters !

Thank you to all our supporters that backed us up on Kickstarter and sent us these awesome photos all around the world ! See the first round of pictures here. Send us more pictures !!

100 day mark

100-day mark

Today sets the 100-day mark to the 2014 World Cup kick off, and our three-month mark to the beginning of the All Eyes on Brazil shooting.

From France

All Eyes on Brazil supporters !

Hey dear friends/followers/visitors, Here are a compilation of a few photos that we received from around the world! It’s not too late, post yours on our Facebook page, or Instagram account (#WediaWix, or #AllEyesOnBrazil), or just send it by email!…

Yamee and Shaan making sure everybody receives their thank you cards

Packing and Shipping !

The WediaWix team is working on sending you your thank you package! We have addresses in Europe, Brazil, North America, and even in Australia. If you still did not answer our survey on Kickstarter, please do it now so you…

Signing 200 cards: checked!

Signing 200 cards: checked!

The thank you cards were ordered from San Diego, and arrived directly in New York. Through a personal relation, the cards were brought to Paris where three team members signed them. Then, the cards were sent to San Diego, where…

Kickstarter rewards

Kickstarter rewards: Last call

Dear backers, We are ordering the t-shirts this Monday, so if you have not done so yet, please send us your address, size, color and other details we need to ship your rewards (there is a survey on your Kickstarter…

All Eyes on Brazil: 117% funded, thank you !!

Done and 117% funded

Our kickstarter campaign is over, and we made it, we reached our goal!! All Eyes on Brazil received $23,550 by 210 backers coming from Brazil, France, the United Sates, Canada, England, Malaysia, Australia, and many other places! Thank you, obrigado,…

The whole team is very excited to make this project a reality!

Goooaallll !! 100%

We did it ! Thanks to ALL of you, this project will come to life! The whole WediaWix team is grateful for your support ! All contributions made a difference!