Category: World Cup Videobook

Some short videos about what is happening in Brazil during this World Cup.

Brazil Vs. Germany in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro

One of our crews was in Lapa, in Rio de Janiero, during the semi-final Brazil Vs. Germany, a game that mark History… Here is how the people lived it… –> There is a lot of exclusive footage that didn’t appear…

Brazil Vs. Germany with Lucien in Lagoa, Rio

Lucien was our 6th character with who we spent a few days in Rio de Janeiro. We watched the semi-final Brazil Vs. Germany at one of his good friends’ apartment, and here is how it went down… –> There is…

The People’s Game

All along our shooting for our documentary All Eyes on Brazil, we witnessed so many people playing soccer in the streets of Sao Paulo, Manaus, Salvador and Rio that we made a short compilation of those “peladas“. Share on Twitter….

Brazil Vs. Chile from Salvador

Two cameras, two ambiances, here is how our team and the Brazilians in Salvador lived this stressful first round of sixteen ! One group was in the famous Pelourinho (historic center of the city), and the other with Dona Dina…

2014 World Cup Countdown

World Cup is starting today, get ready, 10, 9, 8, 7 … GOOOOAAAALLL !! Follow us at for exclusive sneak peeks, photos, and behind the scenes!  

Rumo 2014

Rumo 2014 (Produced by WediaWix) from Wediawix on Vimeo. “Rumo” means “towards” or “in direction of” in Portuguese. We shot this video during the summer 2012, and our goal was to gather footage and short interviews to illustrate the excitement…