All Eyes on Brazil supporters !

Hey dear friends/followers/visitors,

Here are a compilation of a few photos that we received from around the world! It’s not too late, post yours on our Facebook page, or Instagram account (#WediaWix, or #AllEyesOnBrazil), or just send it by email! We will prepare another post with the latest photos we receive. Thank you so much for your support ! Obrigado, merci !!

Proud backer in France

Hugo & Yamee in Montreal, Canada

Look we’re in the newspaper in Ottawa, Canada

On a Parisian fridge, France

From France

Double supporter in France

Vincent from Paris, France

Murielle from the east in France in Lorraine

Alain from Lyon, France

The Eiffel Tower, a proud backer from Paris, France

Livier from Ocean Beach

Livier from Ocean Beach, CA

Andre & Alix from Paris

Andre & Alix from Paris

Joey from San Diego

Joey from San Diego, CA

From France

From France

From France

From France

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