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Alix is talking while Dani makes a step

International race: Photos

Thank you, obrigado, merci EVERYBODY! In San Diego, Paris, Montreal and Sao Paulo, we definitely all had very different conditions and settings, but we all received great feedback! In total, we were able to raise an extra $150 (through 1$…

The international race to Brazil

The international race to Brazil

This Sunday, February 9th, from 12pm to 3pm, the All Eyes on Brazil team will be taking on a friendly international fundraising competition. Simultaneously, in San Diego, Paris, Montreal and São Paulo, our team members will be positioned to start…

From France

All Eyes on Brazil supporters !

Hey dear friends/followers/visitors, Here are a compilation of a few photos that we received from around the world! It’s not too late, post yours on our Facebook page, or Instagram account (#WediaWix, or #AllEyesOnBrazil), or just send it by email!…

All Eyes on Brazil official script

So far, so good

by Daniel Duchene. As September comes to an end, we get closer to the 8-month mark to the beginning of the shooting of All Eyes on Brazil. Wow, we have really come a long way since the first time we…

Thank you for your support !!

All Eyes on Brazil booth !

Great day at the San Diego Brazilian fest ! We are happy to have the continuing support of our friends, and glad to have met so many new “backers” today.  

Brazilian day 2013, stage 1, by Shaan

San Diego 2013 Brazilian Fest

Come celebrate Brazil with the WediaWix team at San Diego 2013 Brazilian Day! WediaWix will be hosting an All Eyes on Brazil booth during the 2013 Brazilian Day on Sunday September 8th.  We will be promoting our project and selling…

Yamee and Shaan making sure everybody receives their thank you cards

Packing and Shipping !

The WediaWix team is working on sending you your thank you package! We have addresses in Europe, Brazil, North America, and even in Australia. If you still did not answer our survey on Kickstarter, please do it now so you…

Signing 200 cards: checked!

Signing 200 cards: checked!

The thank you cards were ordered from San Diego, and arrived directly in New York. Through a personal relation, the cards were brought to Paris where three team members signed them. Then, the cards were sent to San Diego, where…

Kickstarter rewards

Kickstarter rewards: Last call

Dear backers, We are ordering the t-shirts this Monday, so if you have not done so yet, please send us your address, size, color and other details we need to ship your rewards (there is a survey on your Kickstarter…