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Day 37: The Little Things in Life

By Daniel Duchene. Respond on Twitter Day 37: The Little Things in Life I came to Brazil looking for something that I was missing. Now that I found it, I realized I might be better off without it. The World…

Day 33: Blackout

By Daniel Duchene. Respond on Twitter Day 33: Blackout In a shameful way, reality has finally kicked in, and Brazil is out of the race to win the World Cup. What happens now? This is what we are about to…

2014 World Cup Countdown

World Cup is starting today, get ready, 10, 9, 8, 7 … GOOOOAAAALLL !! Follow us at alleyesonbrazil.com for exclusive sneak peeks, photos, and behind the scenes!  

After scoring a goal, the players of the Selecao jumped into the crowd

A test for everybody

By Daniel Duchene. The 2013 Confederations Cup has come to an end and all tests with it. FIFA uses the Confederations Cup as a test in preparation to the much bigger event that is the World Cup. This competition, that…

"Thank you Brazil". The Tahitian team holding a thank you banner after their final game in the competition.

Tahiti: A trip to remember

by Daniel Duchene The group phase of the FIFA Confederations Cup is over and so is Tahiti’s humble campaign. Even though their spot in the tournament was rightfully earned, stunning the favorite New Zealand and going on to win the…