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Watching the game in family

Day 1: We even got a shot of Neymar !

By Daniel Duchene. Respond on Twitter. After a great team meeting yesterday, we have officially started shooting today. We woke up to a rainy São Paulo, with the sky matching the color tone of the city’s heavy concrete skyscrapers. Our…

2014 Brazilian Seleção

2014 World Cup: The Brazilian Seleção

The opening ceremony is in exactly 30 days, and most of the teams have already released their rosters. In Brazil‘s case, there weren’t any surprises. Head-coach Felipão was loyal to his previous comments stating that 80% of the seleção for…

After scoring a goal, the players of the Selecao jumped into the crowd

A test for everybody

By Daniel Duchene. The 2013 Confederations Cup has come to an end and all tests with it. FIFA uses the Confederations Cup as a test in preparation to the much bigger event that is the World Cup. This competition, that…