Our Team

Shaan Couture and Daniel Duchene, co-founders of WediaWix based in San Diego, CA., put together a team of young international professionals to produce their documentary All Eyes on Brazil.

Shaan Couture grew up in Paris, France, before moving to New York where she developed a strong passion for photography. After a few years, she moved to Montreal, Canada, and pursued studies in the field of sociology. With the next socially dynamic destination in mind, Shaan continued on to complete a masters in communication at San Diego State University, and is now actively working as a videographer and photographer.

Daniel Duchene grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he showed great potential as a young soccer player. With plans of a professional career put aside after moving to Washington D.C. at age 15, he developed a strong interest in new sports like basketball and golf. Today a journalist and golf professional in San Diego, Daniel has completed degrees in journalism, sports business, as well as a bachelor in sociology.

Shaan Couture and Daniel Duchene started WediaWix as a blog in 2011 to share their photo and video projects shot during an adventurous road-trip across the United States. Close to two years later, WediaWix grew to become its own film-production company, distinguishing itself for its innovative style of storytelling that touches upon the essence of human life.

All WediaWix team members speak several languages fluently (English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and Italian) which are fundamental tools for this type of project, and all are young professionals in an area of the film-making industry. This multicultural team has made a habit of approaching a story from multiple angles, creating original and authentic films that attract a larger spectrum of viewers.

In addition, WediaWix will also produce a behind the scenes project, as well as this interactive blog where the team will regularly share photos, videos, and other updates during their trip in Brazil.

Shaan Couture - Director

Daniel Duchene - Journalist

Alexandre F. Weyand - Producer

Yamee Couture - Assistant Director

Alix C. Duchene - Editor

Elia Stein - Photography

Eduardo Correa Kissajikian - Photography

Leo - Gaffer

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