Rumo 2014

Rumo 2014 (Produced by WediaWix) from Wediawix on Vimeo.

Rumo” means “towards” or “in direction of” in Portuguese. We shot this video during the summer 2012, and our goal was to gather footage and short interviews to illustrate the excitement and expectation of the Brazilian people for hosting the 2014 World Cup. We lean towards a storytelling style oriented to the human aspect of things.

In this video, our goal was really to bring out the happiness and enthusiasm of the country, and basically show the country getting ready for the soccer World Cup (including the stadiums being built).
We asked our interviewees 4 questions, so we could keep it short, specific, and spontaneous. We asked: “when thinking about the 2014 World Cup, …. what city pops up in your mind? What colors? What soccer player? And how would you react if Brazil scored a goal?”

  • Read more here:!rumo-2014/cmth

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